E.A.R.T.H is the most effective way to Connect to Your Inner Guidance and Find Your Purpose, so you can live in true abundance!  Join me today to learn more about this approach and how it can work for you.

Connecting to your Inner Guidance

No matter where you are, you can tap into your inner guidance and start to decipher these messages. 

During this session, you will begin to learn key ways to listen for guidance and ask for direction.

Reflective Practices

Connect in a deeper way through meditative and reflective practices while using nature-based practices.  

You will learn techniques to reflect on the guidance you are receiving and start putting it into action.


After tapping into your inner guidance and following the direction, your purpose will become more clear.   

Everyone has the ability to call in truly what they want in their life and this training will support you in calling that in.


Join me for a FREE virtual workshop, which will give you techniques to use with nature to reconnect with your inner guidance; leading to a life of abundance and purpose.

This session will take place on Wednesday September 28th at 7pm EST through Zoom.  It will be recorded if you are not able to attend in person.


What Some Of My Successful Clients Are Saying!

"I always thought that people who were connected to what is going on and have strong intuition were amazing, and I was always fascinated. I thought it was really cool and there was no way I could ever do that…. 

Then I started talking with Heather. She gave me tips and tricks on how to listen and tap into those things that I was ignoring and not recognizing. 

With some work, lots of journaling, paying attention to things, I now have been able to tap into my own intuition. She gently guided me in what I should be doing and what might help. She is great and has helped me to realize that being out in nature is a huge part of my life, and she has also helped me to realize that I want to travel internationally. She does not persuade you into things, just asks questions that make you think."  -Theresa


Working with Heather has given me the knowledge I needed to move forward with my health goals.  I thought health was just about weight but it is so much more.  It is through working with Heather I came to understand the complexity of all the components of health and how they work together to enhance my life.   I am in a much better place today both physically and emotionally because of her coaching expertise. - Sue

Connect to Your Inner Guidance