Bringing Your Spirit In, with Janese Recolan

Janese Recolan is a mother to a son and a generational kahuna wisdom keeper.

Where she comes from, a lineage of Kahuna’s in Hawaii are known as shamans, priests/priestess, healers who have access to ancient wisdom.

She lives on the Big Island of Hawaii with her family and cat. Where she trained and taught using her clairvoyance and other healing modalities to break her ancestral karmic cycles, mother wound and healing from breast cancer.

Today, she is an international speaker, being invited on several podcasts and helps other women to the road of self mastery and stop searching for external validation, to reclaim their worth. By transforming their ancestral karmic limitations from the past generations Connect to their inner wisdom, to reclaim their power with deep unapologetic confidence.

When she isn’t spending time with her family, friends or doing energy work. She enjoys nature, beach, hikes, exploring other healing modalities, traveling, food, attending local social events and connecting with others

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