Presence for Connection with Heather Sweeney

Heather Sweeney is a Mental Fitness Coach, Registered Nurse, and Inspirational Speaker & Storyteller.

She specializes in coaching parents, entrepreneurs, First Responders, and healthcare workers. Heather has experienced first hand the power of shifting your mindset to make positive, forward progress both personally and professionally.

She believes that the only limits that exist are the ones we create in our mind and she loves helping people move past those "limits"!

As a Mental Fitness Coach, Heather helps individuals reduce mental fatigue, overwhelm, stress, and anxiety by teaching them tools and techniques to proactively use each day. This leaves them feeling empowered and back in control.

Heather resides in New Hampshire with her two little loves, Jack and Anna. She is an eternal optimist, avid fundraiser, traveler, and lover of all things adventurous and outdoors. She recently summited Mount Kilimanjaro as a member of the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society’s Climb 2 Cure Program giving back over $40,000 to LLS and will be visiting Peru to climb in 2023. She loves coaching in the outdoors and leading groups through adventure experiences.

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