Now I Look Up, with Sarah Jane Smith

What does it really feel like to appreciate life without the standards of other people?

Nowadays, people tend to give value to their life only when they think other people will agree, especially with social media. But living a life is really about living in integrity, what we think is important and what we value.

In today’s episode, I’m joined by Sarah Jane Smith who is an embodiment teacher and coach. She helps fellow childless, not by choice, women regain trust and connection with themselves and their bodies so they can open up to life’s possibilities.

Sarah and I tackle a myriad of topics from women’s experiences with infertility to how nature can help them in their healing process. We also talk about having a good relationship with your body and the effects of embracing nature to truly understand yourself and your body.

Are you excited to hear about healing and engaging with nature? Tune in this episode now.

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