Nature is Size Inclusive, with Lindsay Johnson

We all deserve to enjoy the good things in life, like food, clothing, walking in nature and more. Sometimes, people can get really judgmental of others and themselves, especially in this world of social media.

What barriers are stopping you from enjoying life?

In today’s episode, one of the main topics we’ll be discussing is size inclusivity. I’m joined by Lindsay Johnson who is a Fat Joy Activist. They are on a mission to help fat folks free themselves from internalized fatphobia and toxic diet culture so they can discover appreciation, adoration, and joy in their bodies.

As we get on this topic, Lindsay shares the importance of detaching yourself and freeing your mindset from toxic and old ideas of how a body should look like. They also share the effects of having a healthy connection with your physical, mental and emotional state.

No matter the size, you’re welcome to enjoy all the good things that this life can offer.

Are you ready to change your mindset and embrace life more fully?

Tune in to this embracing episode and find out how you can help yourself and others appreciate their bodies wholly.

Are you ready? Let’s go!

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