Is it Pleasant? with Dr. Nicole Monteiro

Being outdoors can be the most life changing thing you can do for yourself. But sometimes there are limiting beliefs that hinders us from experiencing the great life outdoors. 

One of the limiting beliefs is that if you’re a woman you shouldn’t be walking alone in nature. But how do we give a solution to this belief? 

In today’s episode, we talk about different topics from comfortability outside especially if you’re a woman to being connected in nature. We also talk about better balance and healthy boundaries in different aspects of our lives. 

As we dive deep into this conversation, I’m joined by Dr. Nicole Monteiro, who is a Licensed Psychologist, Certified Life Coach & Relationship Strategist and Author. She helps ambitious women get rid of burnout and supercharge their well-being so they can live balanced and blissful life. 

Are you ready to heal from unhealthy experiences? Listen in and find out how you can help yourself through setting boundaries, enjoying nature and being clear on your purpose in life. 

Are you excited? Let’s get started!

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