What is in Your Toolbox? With Amy Bushatz

“What Is In Your Toolbox?, with Amy Bushatz”

In today’s world of technology and TV’s, it’s very important to understand how powerful it is to be outside and experience nature. I

t’s really necessary to unplug and recharge in the wilderness and get away from the stressful world that we live in. Nature is all around us, so why don’t we utilize it more?

In today’s episode, I’m joined by Amy Bushatz who is the host of the Humans Outside podcast and the founder of the Humans Outside 365 Challenge, projects inspired by her ongoing personal experiment to test what happens if you spend a certain amount of time outside every single day.

As she joins me in today’s episode, we talk about a myriad of things from climate change to barriers of going outside and how going outside can really change a person. Join us and listen in to find out how you can help yourself by embracing the outdoors. Let’s get started!

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