We Are an Expression of Nature with Christine Miura

Christine Miura is an Intuitive Alignment Coach and Ayurvedic Educator. Author of two books, podcaster co-host (Intuition First) and speaker. She is also a mom of 2 sons and a pickle ball enthusiast!

With 30 years of experience, she works with healers, intuitively gifted and newly awoken people. Her psychic abilities, Ayurvedic energy blueprint, and soul's purpose work helps clients attain a deeper connection to their gifts and abilities. She creates a safe space for them to gain a profound connection and knowingness. 

Together, they deepen their divine connection and get them aligned into wholeness, allowing for the full benefits and integration of body, mind, and spirit bringing forward peace, harmony and happiness. We use your Ayurvedic Doshas to access your doorway to nature.

Where to Find Christine:

http://www.divinesoulworks.com/  www.[email protected]



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