Oh! That's My Spirit Guide, with Angela O'Loughlin

Angela has been In the world of healing arts for more than 23 years. She is a certified and licensed Massage therapist in the state of Massachusetts through The Bancroft School of massage therapy in Worcester, MA. She is a certified Reiki Master Teacher and also certified as a psychic medium and teacher through The American Federation of Spiritualist churches and The Greater Boston Spiritualist Church in Arlington, MA.

She has studied under Emmy and Grammy nominated writer and flutist John Two-Hawks (Lakota Sioux) , the Sacred Medicine wheel and Native flute playing. She has also studied sacred plant medicine with Michael Bastine (Algonquin).

She specializes in her own business named A Better Place Massage and Mediumship in Natick, MA as a deep tissue and injury recovery specialist using her intuitive skills to treat the whole person on all levels of energy, body and spirit through reiki and mediumship and her unique ability to recognize how tissues in the body hold issues and facilitates the releasing of these issues in a very safe and sacred way.

She is also a profound speaker and brings platform mediumship as well as speaking inspirationally to many platform's and venues.

Where to Find Angela:  


(text) 508/333-1933

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